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Safe Driving

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What causes traffic accidents?

There are unsafe factors

Traffic accidents occur for various reasons. While problems with roads or safety facilities lead to some accidents, the majority of traffic accidents are caused by drivers' failure to abide by regulations, consider pedestrians, and acknowledge dangerous behaviors.

Unsafe road environments

Unsafe road environments refer to external factors uncontrollable by drivers, such as visibility impairment by darkness, slippery surface, insufficient safety facilities, inadequately repaired vehicles, pedestrians or other vehicles that suddenly get in the way.

Insufficient driver knowledge

Traffic accidents are often caused by ignorance. Most driver knowledge is acquired through experience. This is why so many new circumstances lead to accidents. If you know what happens when you speed or suddenly stop under special circumstances including rain, snow or a winding road, you would be careful not to speed or brake suddenly.

Failure to recognize danger

While there are some drivers who slow down upon recognizing potential dangers of certain situations, others do not see any possible peril. These differences in danger recognition stem from experiences and, in particular, different standards. Drivers with stronger desire to arrive at their destination as soon as possible are more likely to take risks.

Improper thinking

There are many types of improper thinking that lead to reckless driving. Such thinking includes believing that it is ok to violate traffic regulations as long as you do not cause accident; rushing to get to your destination even when you are not late; and regarding pedestrians on the road as obstacles.

Viewing pedestrians as obstacles to your driving can lead to reckless driving.

Wrong driving habits

Many drivers tend to wrongly believe that their undesirable driving habits do not pose any danger just because they have yet to cause traffic accidents. This belief can reinforce such habits and thus leads to fatal accidents.

How to prevent traffic accidents

Many traffic accidents occur because of failed prediction; therefore, you should drive in accordance with common sense so that others can accurately predict your next moves.

Abide by traffic regulations

Everyone expects pedestrians and drivers to comply with traffic regulations. Failure to meet this expectation is the main cause of unsafe driving. Even when other driver violates traffic regulations, you can prevent accidents by meeting that person's expectation that you will follow traffic rules. In short, abiding by traffic regulations is the most basic preventive measure against traffic accidents.

Even when other driver violates traffic regulations, you can prevent accidents by meeting that person's expectation.

Avoid sudden movess

It is hard to predict sudden changes in direction or speed, or sudden move of other vehicles. While you can use brakes to signal that you are slowing down, you should avoid sudden braking as it is likely to cause crash. When entering roads, temporarily stop to look around for oncoming traffic.

Do not speed

Accidents often occur even when there is enough inter-vehicle distance, because the speed of the oncoming vehicle is much faster than it appears. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to accurately judge the speed of an oncoming vehicle from a distance. Speeding further compounds this difficulty. Speeding is even more dangerous at night because visibility is reduced and light traffic tempts many other drivers to speed.

Clearly signal your direction

If you turn right without using the turn signal at an intersection not installed with traffic lights, you will be likely to cause traffic accidents. Before turning or changing lane, always signal your intention by using turn signals or hand signals.

Before turning or changing lane, always signal your intention by using turn signals or hand signals.

Anticipate danger

It is important to anticipate rule-breaking actions by other vehicles or pedestrians. Being prepared for less-than-desirable cases will prove invaluable whether or not they come true.

Take your time

The biggest reason for reckless driving and violating traffic regulations is time. Many risk heavy fines, license suspension, and even traffic accidents just to save a few minutes. Taking time is never a waste of time; it is a rather small price for safety.