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Issuance of Certificates

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Issuance of Certificates : certificates are issued to qualified individuals to guarantee their expertise in fields of traffic safety and traffic accidents and it is a way to develop and train traffic experts.

Traffic Accident Investigator Certificate

Certifying individuals as qualified a Traffic Accident Investigator who is able to determine the exact causes of traffic accidents and to decide on the faults of the parties involved

Basis for Certification : Certification Regulations Chapter 15

Qualifications : general public


  • investigation of the causes of traffic accidents in Korea
  • knowledge of traffic related laws and regulations
  • scientific analysis and cause analysis of traffic accidents
  • re-enactment of traffic accidents
  • writing a traffic accident cause report

Job Areas

  • police, military, law firm, or courts involved with traffic
  • government agencies involved with traffic
  • institutions, associations, or companies involved with traffic