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Education Business

We provide driver education, traffic safety special training, and traffic safety social training

  • Teaching of basic knowledge concerning driving and traffic safety
  • Teaching children and juniors concerning traffic safety
  • Teaching procedures and ways to deal with traffic accidents
  • Promoting and educating institutions, associations and companies concerning traffic safety
  • Training experts who are able to investigate and analyze traffic accidents as well as deal with conflicts arising between parties involved in traffic accidents

Training of Drivers and Managers of School Bus Operators (Traffic Regulation Chapter 53 Article 3)

  • The training’s main purpose is to provide a safe transportation environment for children and juniors where the drivers and managers of school bus and other commercial vehicle operators learn about safe and orderly ways to load and unload children as well as driving tips to prevent traffic accidents.
  • Persons needing training : managers and drivers of school bus or commercial vehicles used to transport children
  • Application method : online application via homepage or on-site registration (ID needed)
  • Training location and duration : any branch office, at scheduled times (see homepage), 3 hours
  • Certificates : issued to all persons completing the training program successfully

Driver Education (Traffic Regulation Chapter 73) : Traffic Safety General Training

Traffic laws and regulations class : for drivers with Traffic Points less than 40 points (voluntary and temporary)

  • 20 Traffic Points will be deducted for persons that successfully complete the training (does not apply to accumulated points)

Drinking Violation Class

  • First time offender : for drivers who had their driver’s licenses suspended or revoked due to drunk driving (mandatory)
  • Second time offender : for drivers who were caught for drunk driving twice in the last 5 years (mandatory)
  • More than three time offender : for drivers who were caught for drunk driving more than 3 times in the last 5 years (mandatory)
    ※ reference date for counting the frequency (after ‘12. 06. 01 )

Low violation / Traffic Accident class

  • License suspension : for drivers who had their driver’s license suspended for traffic violations(voluntary but mandatory for drivers with driving history less than 2 years) and traffic accident(mandatory)
  • License revoked : for drivers who had their driver’s license revoked for traffic violations other than for drunk driving(mandatory)

Road rage class

  • License suspension and revoked : for drivers who had their driver’s license suspended for road rage(mandatory)

Participation class

  • for drivers who took the Drinking violation class or Law violation and Traffic accident class(only possible for drivers who had their driver’s license suspended)
    * additional 30 days will be reduced in their suspension period for successful completion of this training