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- Research and development of traffic related laws and regulations, training, operations, safety facilities, information management, etc. by expert traffic science researchers
- Research and development of advanced traffic management solutions such as ITS in order to realize environmentally friendly traffic environments in the 21st Century
- Development of KOLAS test environments that adhere to the International Standards Organization (ISO) requirements in order to induce the increase of quality in traffic management facilities
- Provide consulting and research outsourcing services related to traffic technology and traffic management expertise to national and regional agencies

Research Areas

Traffic Regulations

Improvements in Traffic Laws and Regulations
  • Research in traffic related laws and regulations
  • Research in the psychology and behavior of drivers and pedestrians
  • Research and development of traffic safety education programs
Traffic Regulations

Traffic Engineering

Research on the Safety and Efficiency of the Traffic Operation Infrastructure
  • Development and evaluation of requirements, specifications, and new technologies for traffic safety facilities
  • Development of specifications, new technologies, and new solutions for the traffic light systems
  • Improvements on the performance and standards for automatic traffic control equipments
TTraffic Engineering

Traffic Science

Scientific Test and Research on Traffic Facilities and Equipment
  • Research and development of specifications and standards for facilities
  • Scientific testing of traffic safety facilities and traffic control equipment
  • Operation of internationally certified testing and corrections as well as the national KOLAS tests
Traffic Science

Advanced Services

Provide Real-time Traffic Information using Advanced Traffic Operation Infrastructure
  • Research, development, and auditing of ITS
  • Development and test of UTIS specifications and performance
  • Provide real-time traffic information through the operation of a Central Traffic Information Center
Advanced Services