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Improvements in Traffic Laws and Regulations

  • Research in traffic related laws and regulations
  • Research in the psychology and behavior of drivers and pedestrians
  • Research and development of traffic safety education programs

Research in Traffic Related Laws and Regulations

  • Advancements in traffic regulations
  • Regulations concerning streetcars
  • Improvements on the operation of the driver’s license examination offices
  • Development of training programs related bicycles
  • Research on the causes and the prevention of driving sleepiness
  • Research on the prevention of traffic accidents and the analysis of maintaining safe driving distance

Research on Services for the Social Weak

  • Research and development of traffic safety for children and the elderly
  • Research and analysis of safe zones for the social weak (children, elderly, disabled, etc.)
  • Development of guidelines and manuals for the safe zones
  • Research and analysis of bicycle accidents and bicycle safety regulations
  • Development of plans for the expansion of cities that promote the use of bicycles

Research on Vehicle Simulator

  • A vehicle simulator is an automated system that can provides feedback from wheels, pedals and other devices to simulate a real driver’s experience in a real driving situation
  • The vehicle simulator is used to perform research on driver’s psychology and behavior during real driving situations such as drunk driving, driving sleepiness, speeding, etc. and serves as the basis for designing training programs, roads, and safety tests.