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Traffic Safety Promotions

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The Road Traffic Authority distributes promotional materials, produces bi-weekly and monthly magazines, operates the Children’s Traffic Safety Awareness Center, and performs other promotional activities in order to educate the masses about traffic safety and the reduction of traffic accidents.

Promotional Events

Traffic Accident Reduction Campaign

  • Trophies and Rewards are awarded to outstanding individuals, associations, companies, and no accident drivers in order to promote the reduction in traffic accidents.

Traffic Related Art and Entertainment Contest

  • In order to promote the awareness about traffic safety, an art and entertainment contest is sponsored to have the general public submit various art and entertainment works for competition and award.

Children’s Writing Contest

  • In order to have children be aware of and think about traffic safety, a writing contest is sponsored to have children express their thoughts about traffic safety through their writing.

Promotional Events Image

Promotional Events Image

Advertisements on Mass Media

Advertisements on traffic safety and traffic accident reduction campaign in carried out in major newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, building LED advertisement boards, movies, subway stations, etc. in order to increase the level of awareness of the general public about traffic safety.

Advertisements on Mass Media Image

Facility Advertisements

Promotional banners, signboards, building advertisement boards, etc. which are located at positions of high visibility are used to promote traffic safety and increase the awareness of the general public.

Facility Advertisements Image

Promotions Through Publications

Monthly magazine called 「Traffic Light」

Articles about traffic safety and traffic environments are published to prevent traffic accidents and to provide informational knowledge about traffic.

Bi-weekly webzine called 「KoROAD」

An electronic newsletter or webzine is used to provide informational knowledge about traffic safety as well as to promote the Road Traffic Authority to potential customers and students.

Posters and Calendars

Distribution of posters and calendars to promote and to advertise traffic safety.

Promotional Items

Distribution of promotional items such as jang-gu (small Korea drum) or toys to children through all school buses and/or the network of mother instructors.

Promotional Items

Operation of the Children’s Traffic Safety Awareness Center

Since children are the key to the future of traffic environment, the Road Traffic Authority places a priority in teaching children about traffic safety at an early age so that the teachings stay with them through their adult lives. Therefore, we operate a Children’s Traffic Safety Awareness Center that the children can visit as a group from schools or as individual families to learn about and experience the traffic environment first-hand. There are many activities children can perform and many interesting items to play with so that the experience is fun and enjoyable for the children.

Operation of the Children’s Traffic Safety Awareness Center