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Traffic Safety Social Education

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Traffic Safety Social Training : teaching children, juniors, the elderly, house-wives, etc. on the basic knowledge about traffic safety in order to promote an advanced traffic environment and to encourage traffic safety.

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Traffic Safety Training for Children and Juniors

  • Distribution of simple-to-read pamphlets and material to children and juniors as well as recruiting mothers as teachers to teach about traffic accidents, traffic safety, and the overall traffic environment.

Traffic Safety Instructor Training

  • Training kindergarten, elementary school and middle school teachers on the basic knowledge of traffic safety traffic accidents so they can in turn teach their respective students about traffic safety.

Mother Instructor Training

  • Selection of potential mother instructor candidates throughout the nation and teaching them about traffic safety and ways to teach children about traffic safety so that they can relay the information to other children as well as their own children (teaching materials will be provided for them to use in their teaching).

Adult Instructor Training

  • Interested individuals can learn to teach about traffic safety and traffic accidents so that they can in turn teach others they know about the basic concepts of traffic safety. Persons who might be interested are people from traffic related organizations, associations, and companies as well as people involved in the some form of business concerning the transportation of persons.