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Traffic Safety Special Training

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Traffic Safety Special Training : producing traffic safety experts through special training in the areas of investigation of traffic accidents and traffic safety facilities, technology instructions, etc.

  • Special Training : Special Training Division 033) 749-5309
  • Instructor Training : Special Training Division 033) 749-5318

Special Training

  • Training is for all police persons responsible for investigating traffic accidents, for all government officials responsible for investigating traffic safety facilities, and for all interested individuals
  • Basis for Training : Traffic Regulations Chapter 123 Article 4 and Article 9
  • Summary of Training Program
    Summary of Training Program
    Course Type Student Requirements Course Duration Frequency
    Traffic Accident Police Traffic accident investigation 3 weeks 7 times a year
    Public Traffic Accident Investigation 3 days regularly
    Traffic Safety Facility Government Official Traffic Safety Facility 3 days 2 times a year
    Police Traffic Control 5 days 2 times a year
    Safety Investigation Public Safety Investigation 5 days once a year (second half)

Instructor Training

  • Additional Hands-on Training for persons who successfully completed the Course for operating a Driving School
  • Training for Instructors for Driving Schools
    • Basis for training : Traffic Regulations Chapter 106 and 107
    • Persons needing training : Driving Instructors, Driving Course Teachers, Traffic Accident Examiners
    • Training time : after successful completion of the course for operating a Driving School