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Driver’s License Exam for Foreigners

  • Driver’s Education provided in 10 languages, Driving Course Test provides English subtitles ※ The simplified version of the education is provided in Russian, English, and Chinese languages
  • DVD education programs offered for Foreigners
  • Foreigner Driver’s License is newly issued or traded with International Driver’s License
  • Provides universally consistent driver’s license exam policies and regulations
    Provides universally consistent driver’s license exam policies and regulations
    Russian English Chinese Japanese Vietnamese Thai Indonesian Mongol Phillipino Cambodia
    1,2 Type Vehicles, Motorized
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Driver’s License Service for Social Weak

Provide Customized Driver’s Education by Partnering with Associations for Disabled Persons

  • 2011.11 Launch of special driver’s education
  • In the first half of 2012, planning to provide special driving education to disabled persons selected by the Korea Federation of the Organization of the Disabled (KFOD) 

Provide Opportunities for Disabled Persons to Obtain Driver’s Licenses

  • Prioritize regions with high concentration of disabled persons such as in the Kyung Sang Provinces including Busan and the Jeon La Provinces
  • Provide special services and opportunities for the disabled to obtain driver’s licenses

Expansion of Types of Driver’s License Exams for the Social Weak

  • Operate driver’s license and exams for ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) which are widely used in rural regions by elders and disabled persons
  • Use of ATV will reduce traffic accidents and facilitate the mobility of the elderly and the disabled
  • ※ ATV(All-Terrain Vehicle) – open vehicle similar to a four-wheel motorcycle that is suited to traverse rough terrains
  • ※ Start service in 11 regional branch offices including Yeasan, Munkyung, Jeju, Wonju, Jeon Nam
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Customer-Oriented Driver’s License Service

Simplification of the Driver License Exam Process

  • 2011.06.10. Driver License Exam simplification policy launched
  • Reduction in the cost and time required to obtain a Driver’s License in order to improve customer satisfaction
    면허취득 부분별 개선표
    Aptitude Test Driving Course Test On-Road Driving Exam
    • Expansion of the number of hospitals where health checks can be performed
      (designated hospitals -> all hospitals)
    • Exemption applies to people who submit the appropriate forms from their health insurance companies (for renewal cases only)
    • Simplification of the Course Test for Level 1,2 General type Driver’s License
      (11 test categories -> 2 test categories)
    • Unchanged for all other types of licenses
    • Parallel parking test added in order to improve the quality of drivers

Reduction in the Written Exam Question Pool

  • Written Exam Question Pool reduced to 300 questions for simplification
  • Exams conducted in hand language and 10 other foreign languages to improve customer service

Trial Operation of On-Road Driving Exam Simulator

  • 3D simulation of the actual driving exam course so that driver’s can experience the course prior to the actual test
    ※ 2011.12.26. Start trial operation at the Kangnam Driver License branch office

Production of Driver Education Videos

  • Provide videos for Driving Course Test and On-Road Driving Exams such that drivers can be better prepared for their test
  • Videos are produced with English and hand-language subtitles

Development of Automatic Receipt Systems

  • Paper receipts are replaced by automatically generated barcode sticker receipts
  • Will be expanded to all 26 driver license branch offices and all nationally located police stations in 2012

New Branch Office Locations

  • Investigate new locations for establishing driver license branch offices in order to increase customer satisfaction and service quality

Increase in Use of IT Technology

  • Use emails and hand phone SMS service for notifications and communication with drivers
  • Driver License related forms can be downloaded and applied through our homepage to save time and increase convenience

Launch Mobile Service

  • In order to increase customer access and convenience, mobile internet service is launched
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Fair Exam Operation and Management

Operation of CCTV during On-Road Driving Exam

  • Installed and operational 296 vehicles in all 26 regional branch offices
  • Used to ensure fair and transparent exam environment and results

Trial Operation of Tablet PC based Evaluation of On-Road Driving Exam

  • Use of voice guidance service of the navigation system installed on the Tablet PC
  • Automatic transmission of exam results to main database via mobile network
  • Implementation of special questions that can be graded automatically
  • Ensure fair, accurate, transparent and objective grading system
  • Provide trustworthy grading service
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Enhanced Customer Service

Operation of Driver’s License Call Center

  • Call-back service, Remote Support service
  • General Call Center contact number : 1577-1120
  • Government-wide Global Call Center : 02) 2075-4180 (

Enhanced Customer Service

  • Friendly and exact answers to any Driver’s License related questions
  • Optimized and efficient call service from expert call operators
  • Minimized call wait time and call response time
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On-Call Driver’s Exam Service

Mobile PC Exam System on a Bus (Mobile On-Call Driver’s Exam Service)

  • Visit regions that are far from any regional branch office location
  • December 7, 2011 Jeonnam branch office visited No-Hwa-Do Island with their Mobile PC Exam service

Identify and realize special policies that incorporate special needs of the region