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In January 1, 2011 the Driver’s License Department was merged with the Road Traffic Authority to provide an integrated Driver’s License service to the public. 26 regional Driver’s License branch offices are being operated to provide the best friendly service to our customers and we are always striving to improve our service to better fulfill the needs of our customers such that we are able to train better drivers and reduce the overall number of traffic accidents.

Major Responsibilities

Driver Safety Education

For driver’s applying for a driver’s license for the first time, they must receive 1 hour of Driver Safety Education prior to their taking the driver license written examination.

Introduction To Driver’s License Examination

  • Types of Driver License
    Level 1 (Large vehicles), Level 1․2 (General), Level 2 (Small vehicles), Trailer, Recreational Car, ATV, other motorized vehicles
  • Written Examination
    questions on types of driver licenses, general driving information and regulations, maintenance of vehicles, etc.
  • Driving Course Test
    knowledge of the car’s functions while stationary (wipers, gear change, rear-view windows, etc.) and basic expertise in handling a car while driving a designated course (driving 50m and adhering to different road signs and road conditions)
  • On-Road Driving Exam
    grade on 32 different driving categories including driving attitude, lane change, parking, etc.

Driver's License Administrative Tasks

  • Foreign License
    Foreigners with foreign licenses can exchange their foreign licenses with a Korean driver’s license with the submission of the appropriate forms
  • International License
    Koreans can be issued International Licenses and drive for one year in countries under the Vienna, Geneva Agreement
    ※ Drivers must always carry their Korean license and passport along with their International License when driving overseas.
    ※ There might be certain restrictions depending on the policies of different countries.
  • Aptitude Test and Renewals
    Aptitude tests are conducted for Level 1 type drivers and Renewals pertain to all Level 2 type drivers.
  • Military Driver License
    People with a Military Driver License, who have a driving history of over 6 months, can exchange their Military Driver License with a regular Driver License within one year after their military duties are terminated.
  • Loss and Re-Issuance
    Driver’s Licenses can be re-issued with a valid ID but must come in person to the nearest regional branch office and a new Driver’s License will be issued the same day.
  • 7 Year No Accident History Driver
    Drivers with 7 years or more of no accident history can exchange their Level 2 type Driver’s License with a Level 1 type Driver’s License once they pass the Aptitude Test for Level 1 type drivers.