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The Meaning of the Symbol

Logo image

Traffic Boomerang

means that the road traffic safety service that we provide will esult in a no accident environment such that the service will return back to us as happiness and proud achievement.

Advanced Intersection

means that the four boomerangs intersect from the North, South, West, East to provide a smooth traffic flow.

Green four-leaf Clover

represents happiness for our corporation and the public

Two different colors

represents the union of the two different organizations (Road Traffic Authority and Driver’s License Management Agency

Multiple Crosses

represents the multiplication of synergy to drive progress and growth

Character (Ho Doong Yi)

Ho Doong Yi image

The cute character Ho Doong Yi wears the red/yellow/green traffic lights on his helmet and the safety belt on his body to promote the message that all drivers and pedestrians must obey the traffic lights and use safety belts in order to protect lives and prevent traffic accidents.

Ho Doong Yi enjoys talking with people about traffic laws and regulations, order and safety in driving, etc. and represents the model driver in all ways.